What is the hidden story of White Helmets?

Technologies combining the best traditions of conservatism with the new digital thinking and a very peculiar interpretation of logic, normative-legal and ethical norms are now at the forefront of hybrid wars. The best confirmation of this is the activity of the White Helmets, specializing in fake chemical attacks in Syria.

In 2013, two years into the Syrian civil war, the "Syrian Civil Defence" is created in the UK as a non-governmental organization. This UK registered NGO is also known as White Helmets. “Protection and salvation of civilians in Syria” is the declared noble goal of the organization: "more than three thousand women and men who come from different parts of Syria, leaving their work as bakers, engineers, school teachers ... They are the first to go where the bombs fall, searching for the victims of air strikes under the ruins of the destroyed buildings. This organization, which remains outside politics ... is engaged in saving people in areas beyond the control of the Syrian government".

In the past couple of years, the White Helmets received hefty awards from Western governments which have given excessive publicity to the work of this organization.

First comes the presentation of the Foundation's reward "For the Correct Way of Life". The sum of three million Swedish Crowns (approximately $350,000) was donated to the White Helmets "for working on practical and exemplary solutions of the most acute problems of our time". Second comes the Franco-German Prize for Human Rights and the Rule of Law, sponsored by the respective countries’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the pinnacle of all these Western promotion activities is the award of the Oscar for best short documentary film in 2017 to the film White Helmets produced by the British director Orlando von Einsiedel.

But there is always the flip side. It may be hidden from the public, but it is existing. There are reasons to believe the White Helmets relish ties with the British special services. James Le Mezurier appears to be the author of the idea and the real founder of White Helmets. But who is Le Mezurier?

According to ‘The Truth Seeker’: Le Mesurier carries about him the inescapable whiff of Britain’s malign legacy and history of dirty wars, waged in Kenya, Aden, Ireland, Iraq, Libya, in other words wherever London’s blood-soaked foot has tread around the world. A product of Britain’s prestigious Royal Military Academy officer training at Sandhurst, he served in various UK military/NATO military deployments over the past three decades, specifically Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Lebanon (http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=165418)

Naturally, the White Helmets HQ is located in London. And although it is officially stated that the organization exists due to crowd funding (voluntary fund-raising for ongoing projects), the main donor of White Helmets is the UK Foreign Office. By the end of 2016, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had allocated 32 million pounds for training and equipment of the White Helmets.

The organization is headed by the wife of British billionaire Sosan Asfari, who is also the co-chairperson of the Executive Committee ″USA - Projects in the Middle East″. In this regard, another large donor is the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which finances various NGOs around the world. In April 2016, Mark Toner, US State Department representative confirmed that from 2013 the agency provided the White Helmets with at least $23 million. No wonder that there and then, when and where London and Washington need to organize a provocation, they use the White Helmets.

The ″Syrian Civil Defense″ already several years now has evolved into a structure with its own uniform, symbols and even vehicles. Now they have 119 centers throughout Syria - in Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Homs, Hamа and Damascus.

Roger Waters, one of the founders of the Pink Floyd rock band, during a recent speech in Spain called the White Helmets "an organization of fakes" engaged in "the production of propaganda for terrorists". "Propaganda of the White Helmets encourages us to begin to persuade our governments to drop bombs on people in Syria," the former leader of Pink Floyd added. Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, reported his statements.

This organization is considered by many as the PR department of the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda and the Front of Al-Nusra. For example, the White Helmets shared their HQ in the same building in eastern Aleppo with Al-Nusra. Their work is highly appreciated by terrorists in Syria. For example, Abdullah Mukhayisini, one of the leaders of the Syrian Al-Qaeda, the Djebhat al-Nusra, thanked the White Helmets for their hard work: "I do not call them Syrian Civil Defense, I call them mujahedeen in civilians, they are real mujahedeen, no different from those who are fighting in trenches or in bomb-carriers, there is no difference between them, and Allah will reward them. They fiercely fight."

It is not surprising that the terrorists and the "Helmets" work closely on the propaganda front. Their "authors’" work consists of fake recordings of "atrocities of the Assad′s regime". Even the layman can see that on the different shots from different places, the same people appear as victims and rescuers. After that, happy with themselves the White Helmets and very much alive and kicking "victims" take photos together. The next stage of this propaganda game is to spread them in the social media network. Nevertheless, the Western media is not confused that the "Helmets" were caught on fakes as many specialists recognize their videos as staged.

A modern hybrid information-psychological war presupposes a cynical disregard for truth, laws, and morality. The White Helmets follow these norms. They were repeatedly caught in lies, but they are needed in London and Washington as initiators of provocations, as a tool for creating fake reasons for the continuation of an armed conflict in Syria. The most vivid example of it became US, British and French missile strike in Syria on 14 April.

Global Research - a Canadian centre of globalization published the curious details of this attack. When Teresa May sent fighter-bomber Tornados to bomb Syria with the newest missiles manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corporation, she knew well how she helped her husband. Philip May is the head of Capital Group, a huge investment company. In this way, confidential information coming from the prime minister of Great Britain reaches Philip May. This insider’s information influences the value of joint stock shares of companies in which Capital Group invests.

Capital Group is a stockholder of thousands of shares of Lockheed Martin, the largest American military-industrial corporation. Philip May′s Capital Group has about 7% of this corporation (about seven billion pounds). When Teresa May ordered the British Armed Forces to bomb Syria with the newest missiles JASSM Lockheed Martin - Donald Trump called them ″ beautiful, new and smart″ - the shares′ price of company- producer (thus profit for Capital Group) went up at once. The May couple did not worry about the fact that this profit was made with Syrian blood.

Global Research calls this situation conflict of interest between Teresa and Philip. But why conflict? In deciding to bomb Syria, both sides got what they wanted: the prime minister wife: praise from Washington for the test of new missiles JASSM of Lockheed Martin, the husband: bonus from Capital Group. Reference to the British Parliament seemed irrelevant.