The ISF Director Visits IIER Athens & SFPA Bratislava 26 Oct – 4 Nov 2009

The ISF Director, Dr Yiorghos Leventis, departs for Athens and Bratislava on Saturday 24 October 2009. In Athens, Dr Leventis will have consultations with Dr Charalambos Tsardanides, Director of the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER). Plans for future co-operation will be at the epicentre of the discussions.

He will then continue his trip to Bratislava where he is invited to participate in a day conference on EU Policy Towards the Russian Federation to be held at the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (SFPA) on Wednesday 28 October.

Dr Leventis is the SFPA’s guest speaker on Thursday 29 October. He will address the Slovak audience on Navigating through Troubled Waters. Security or Insecurity in the Eastern Mediterranean?

His next engagement is participation in a  day conference on EU Institutions to be held also atthe SFPA in Bratislava on Tuesday, 3 November.

On the margins of the two Bratislava conferences, Dr Leventis will have a private meeting with the Director of the Research Centre of the SFPA, Dr Alexander Duleba to discuss future plans of cooperation between the two international NGO organizations.