Syria: The Price of “Collateral Human Losses”

More and more Syrians are dying under the bombs of the American coalition.

Millions of Syrian citizens have become the victims of the civil war in this country: hundreds of thousands of refugees were forced to seek shelter in other countries. Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Germany, Greece … The list is by no means complete; scores of countries took responsibility for saving the lives of Syrians who fled from the war zone.

How many innocent people lost their lives to this day? It is impossible to count. Most of them found their life’s abrupt end under the fire of the warring sides. For those perished it does not really matter whose shell or bomb or mortar hit their home, the last shelter and hope for salvation. Many of the dead wanted to escape the war zones, alas no humanitarian corridors were available.

Much criticism has been directed on the government of Syria and on the contingent of the Russian Armed Forces during the operation against terrorists in Aleppo and its suburbs. Practically every day, Syrians have been subjected to unthinkable accusations claiming the use of chemical weapons, cluster ammunitions, shells and aerial white phosphorus bombs … White Helmets, who now are known for their provocative prefabricated activities, “demonstrated” horrific photos of victims of the Syrian Army and Russian air strikes. They launched a powerful propaganda campaign against Syria and Russia around the world not least in the UN. Only after the liberation of Aleppo, where documentary evidence about their provocative work was found, their anti-Russian hysteria practically ceased.

It is also indicative that practically from the beginning of the internal political conflict in Syria, the London based so-called Syrian Human Rights Observatory has started operating on the international information field. It is headed by Rami Abderrahman, who was unknown in journalist circles at that time. However, for the past ten years the British Foreign Office has hired Mr. Abderrahman. He has ever since been vehemently exhuming his hate of President Bashar Al Assad.

This dissident has been levelling accusations of crimes against the Syrian government and the leadership of Russia. In true fact both the Assad government and Moscow have been liquidating international terrorist mercenaries in his homeland. If one bothers to calculate Rami Abderrahman’s prefabricated data about dead civilians as a result of the Syrian government’s and Russia’s air strikes, the total figure may exceed one million.

But what happened recently is difficult to understand. All of a sudden, Abderrahman began to shed light on civilian population losses as a result of “friendly” strikes of the Western coalition and, in particular, the consequences of the US Air Force bombings.

Abderrahman estimated that during the entire six-year period of the war in Syria, 1954 civilians were killed by the coalition strikes, of which 456 were children. Only from May 23 to June 23, 2017, 472 civilian casualties were victims of air strikes of the US Air Force, of which 137 were children. At the same time, the main losses fell on Rakka and Deir ez-Zor. For the period from April 23 to May 23, 2017, 225 people were killed by American air strikes.

In the latest reports on the Syrian conflict he published, Abderrahman not only restrains himself with regard to the results of the bombings of the Russian air squadrons, but on several occasions furthermore, he stresses the precision and accuracy of the destruction of the terrorists’ land-based targets. Therefore the terrorists are most afraid of the actions of Russian strike aircraft and, according to testimonies of the captured terrorists, they are losing heart at the sight of Russian fighter planes flying over their positions.

However, an American representative of the Western Coalition Command told a French news agency correspondent at a recent briefing in Baghdad: “Our forces are acting with precision. Our targets are permanent and there are no victims among civilians.” Well, maybe someday some researcher will be able to ascertain how many civilians became victims of direct attacks by the US Artillery and Air Force in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen … It is unlikely that the results will appease the international community. And it is also unlikely that these results will be published.