Southeast Ukraine: The Living and the Dead

As time passes it becomes more obvious that the American protégées in Kiev did not justify the ‘hopes and trust’ and disregarded the ‘honorable mission’ of destroying the Russian-speaking population of Donbass. The Ukrainian ultra-nationalists increasingly become a burnt card, with no place in the deck of Western policy reserved for them.

In recent days, international human rights organizations, awakened from an impermissible silent indifference, lately touched the human rights violations of the Ukrainian army and the various other punitive measures against the Russian-speaking population of Southeastern Ukraine. Following protests by the Russian Federation they began to demand from the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe investigation of crimes, which are impossible to gloss over because of their mass character and other forms of victims abuse.

In the self-ruled territories around Donetsk and Luhansk local residents and militia representatives increasingly reveal numerous mass graves of civilians and militias, tortured by the national Ukrainian forces.

It is hard to believe the resulting reality: brutal barbarity, torture and mass shootings of the civilian population. And all this is happening in the geographical centre of Europe – in Ukraine, which brags of its civility and democratic mentality. The country that strives to get into the “European family of nations”.

There is no complete information about victims, missing and injured persons yet. However, according to preliminary data only on the territory of the ‘Donetsk National Republic’ from the start of the fighting more than four thousand people lost their lives.

Evidently, local residents willingly cooperate with representatives of human rights organizations, informing them about punitive crimes and burial places of victims of Ukrainian fascism. Some corpses, hastily covered in earth, are already gnawed by flocks of hungry stray dogs, whose owners died or left their pets in the lurch as they fled from their houses with their scared children.

Reportedly, in seeking to hide their crimes, the so-called “liberators”, the fighters against the non-existent ‘terrorists of South-East’ used sophisticated brutal methods: burning and drowning not only of corpses of civilians and prisoners, but also of their own dead soldiers. Some people were buried alive. The rolling of tanks compressed the earth. Consequently, it is extremely difficult to discover these burial sites without witnesses. Special groups are currently formed to search for mass graves – strong evidence of crimes of the Ukrainian army and battalions of rebels against the people of Donbass.

Jen Psaki, U.S. State Department Spokesperson, offered an extraordinary definition of the investigation of crimes committed in the Donbass area. During a daily press briefing in Washington this lady stated that ‘the investigation should be conducted under the leadership of the Ukrainian government’. Apparently, according to the standards of American democracy, the suspects are charged with investigation of their own crimes. An absurdity of immense proportions.

The unfolding Donbass tragedy allows us to speak about signs of mass killings on ethnic, linguistic and religious grounds. The survivors, relatives of the dead, demand a thorough investigation of the crimes apparently committed by Ukrainian Forces, public trial and punishment of the guilty. Bringing the killers to justice is the cry of the living for their dead.