US Experiments over Ukraine

Washington decided to turn the Ukrainian people into an object of political study. Projects aimed at researching the causes of social unrest are implemented in the country. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Institute of Media Law, US in the nearest future are going to “conduct experiments”, the object of which is the population of Ukrainian regions, bordering Russia. The goal is to develop and test methods of creation of a revolutionary situation in those regions.

All projects, in fact, are aimed at studying the possibility of controlling the masses, through the expression of dissatisfaction with their situation. The practical goal of these “scientific studies” is to organize protest movements and create a revolutionary situation, which are in the interests of the state-initiator i.e. the USA. Those who are interested in the Ukrainian conflict, of course, drew attention to the statement of the US Vice-President Joseph Biden, which was made during his visit to Kiev in December 2015. It was he, who called all what is happening in Ukraine, “experiment”.

It is clear that all American “experiments” are aimed not at the welfare of Ukrainians, the prosperity of the country and the fight against corruption, as many people would like to believe. Their results are of value primarily for the American hegemon, otherwise they would not have the slightest sense. It is worth noting that the first object of such American experiments became an European state, not an African or Asian country. The scheme of the color revolutions was already tested in other countries. However, the model of relations between Ukraine and the United States is unique: a country in Central Europe, with 42 million people, comes under the complete control of Washington.

The “Ukrainian experiment” is distinguished by the fact that the US force many European countries not only to support this expensive idea (only its first step – the Maidan, according to Washington, cost five billion USD), but also to provide vital information and political support. The heads of EU member states, as if on command, welcomed the “European choice” of Ukraine, not caring what price is paid by Ukrain-ian people for this choice. Thanks to American experiments, the country actually lost sovereignty and succumbed to external control. Such a model of puppet state, created in Ukraine, is represented by the US as a European standard. But this state became absolutely ineffective, because it was deprived of its managerial and financial leverage. The country cannot comply well enough even the orders of its overseas patrons.

Carrying out new experiments, the Americans seek to destabilize the situation at the borders with Russia, creating “hot spots”. Integrating a new member state in the EU, half-destitute, externally manipulated and completely out of control Ukraine, Washington probably do cunning maneuver in the great political game that will help to eliminate unnecessary political and economic rivals and retain its status as global hegemon. The result is palpable: the European Union has implemented a policy of confrontation with Russia nearly for two years, referring to alleged ‘Russian involvement’ in Ukraine as a pretext. Brussels uses at a loss the tool of sanctions, which, however unpleasant for Moscow, has not yielded the effect expected by the West. The West does not require much from Kiev: Ukraine just needs to be a “bad country” with many problems, it must wage senseless war against its own people, humbly beg for loans to pay the bills and ignore the Minsk agreement. But the main thing in this drama is to hate Russia as much as possible, inculcating this feeling in each Ukrainian citizen. A logical question arises: will Ukraine remain the single platform for the European experiments of White House?