Mentors of International Terrorism Try to Save their Minions

Recently, the Syrian Army has struck major successes in Aleppo. Once again the West plays down the Syrian victory against Islamic extremist rebels, revealing its real attitude towards the Syrian crisis. Western attempts to discredit the situation are intensified.

The accusations against Damascus and Moscow about alleged regular air strikes by Syrian government forces and/or the Russian Air Forces on civilian targets continue, although corroborating proof of such claims seems to be lacking. Against this background, calls voiced in Washington as well as several Western capitals to end the counter-terrorist operation in Eastern Aleppo, resemble more to a last and desperate attempt to shield and rescue the defeated terrorists and extremists on Syrian soil.

Why the current US administration due to step down in three weeks’ time is so sensitive to the evolving situation in Syria? Let us tackle this pertinent question.

First, it is imperative for the ruling in the US elite Democratic Party to save its political reputation: to justify the failure of the military-diplomatic efforts to overthrow the legitimate government in Syria and to eliminate the political influence of Russia in the Middle East, depriving the latter of the possibility of a permanent military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. In other words, at this juncture, we witness an uncompromising clash of the global interests of the United States and of Russia now in Syria.

Second, the new American President Donald Trump in his campaign speeches promised to stay away from previous interventionist courses pursued by past US administrations which saw numerous interference in the internal affairs of other countries aimed at the overthrow of unwanted to the US regimes. Moreover, Trump named “moderate” Syrian armed opposition terrorists and called for international efforts, including Russia, for the destruction of international terrorism on the planet.

Third, before leaving the White House, Barack Obama faces the challenging task of concealing the direct or indirect US involvement in creating and nurturing terrorist and other equally odious extremist Muslim organizations that left behind rivers of blood in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries. Obama needs do everything to evacuate from the war zone in Syria advisers and military trainers from the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and several other countries of Western Europe. One can imagine what an international scandal may break out in case of seizure or capture of American and/or other foreign nationals who fought on the side of terrorists.

Last but not least, the ruling elite of the outgoing President is frantically in a hurry to create for Donald Trump new challenges and external blockages by pushing in the US Senate legislation that will hinder the fulfillment of his campaign promise to correct political mistakes of the previous administration. Sadly, decrees providing for the possibility of extending sanctions against Iran, start of deliveries of lethal weapons worth $350 million to Ukraine and transfer of portable anti-aircraft rocket launchers to the armed Syrian opposition have already been adopted.

Such a peculiar situation with the transfer of power in the White House occurs, perhaps, for the first time in American history.